Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Boards For Rivers & Whitewater

Nothing beats gliding down a beautiful river during the summertime on a SUP! Any river can be an amazing experience, even if there are whitewater rapids involved. The best part about paddle boarding on a river is its versatility; as you can go fishing on it in one moment, or bring along camping gear (put it under the bungee) to camping along the river’s edge the next.

Beginner Tips for River Paddle Boarding

Because paddle boards are so light – especially inflatable ones – you can launch them from essentially anywhere on a river unlike kayaks and canoes that can weigh as much as 80lbs or more and must be launched from sandy and flat surfaces.

  • Be sure to use the leash so you don’t come disconnected from the board.
  • Never paddle alone, at least in the beginning. Always use the buddy system.
  • Always wear shoes on the river; preferably shoes that can help you stay on your board and can get wet.
  • Make sure all the gear you’ve brought is stored securely under the bungee and is centered, so it won’t tip the nose or back of the board – especially if you’re facing rapids or particularly fast water.
  • River currents are unpredictable and have undertows that can pull you under or send you off in the direction of rocks, falls or fast flowing water – so always wear safety equipment (a life jacket and helmet).
  • River paddle boarding is a great way to get to a camping site. You can secure your equipment right under your cargo bungee under the nose of the board.
  • Pick a spot on the river to launch from. Once you do, remove your gear and place it in a secure location. Then, follow your paddling partner down the road to your end location to drop their car off. Once you’re back and all your gear is still intact, you can start loading up the board with any provisions you may have brought.
  • Start on a calmer, slower-moving area of the river until you get the hang of it. Better yet, get someone who has done the river a number of times guide you through it.
  • Don’t fight the current – this will cause you to tire out quickly.
  • Make sure to learn the nose draw stroke and master it in the staggered stance if you’re going to be in whitewater.
  • Standing on a paddle board in whitewater challenges a number of muscles in your body to ensure you keep your balance. So, don’t forget to take breaks!
  • Stay clear of rocks!
Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards for Rivers & Whitewater

Paddle Boarding in Rivers

Of all the places you can choose to paddle board, rivers provide the most varied range of opportunities and challenges. Rivers can have large expanses of flat water, areas of flowing water ranging from gentle currents to fast-moving rapids, and plenty of unique features to explore that you won’t find in oceans or bays.

Your choice of a SUP board for river paddling will depend to a large extent on the terrain you plan to explore and what features of the river you will be interacting with.

Experience River Paddle Boarding

Whether you’re looking for new way to get some exercise in on the weekend or simply want to give it a try, Yacht Club’s inflatable SUPs are an awesome way to experience river paddle boarding. All of our inflatable SUPs are wide and long enough for river use and come with their own travel case – making them easy and convenient to travel with.

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