Dirty Devil




4’6″ 21.5 x 2 3/8″
4’10” 21.75″ x 2 3/8″
An amazing shape for larger riders or youth surfers. Forgiving rail shape prevents digging edges and allows a flowing easy to turn ride. Chris has shaped the Dirty Devil to accommodate all sizes of surfers, but especially those who are 200 lbs- 300 lbs. The diamond swallow tail is hard and crisp to keep the board fast and allows radical turns. The bottom contour is a single concave, which creates stability and speed. The feel is amazing. FCS-2 twin fin set up allows easy removal of fins with no tools.
Our boards are made to order in 2 weeks and take 3 days to ship. Shipping is free and you can email the color design from our gallery.  Custom photographic digital prints can be ordered and incorporated into the design of the board for an extra charge.

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