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Being out on the water means something a little different for everyone, but it’s especially meaningful for our founder, Chris Ruddy.

About Chris Ruddy

Growing up in Hawaii, the water became an everyday playground after school and during entire summers. Chris spent his days surfing, sailing snorkeling, and swimming. From a very young age, working and playing on the water at the yacht club across the street, or surfing with friends a few blocks away- always felt natural and right. So much so, in fact, that Ruddy took his childhood passion and made a 30-year long career out of it!

If you’ve spent any time on the water, you’ve likely seen one of the surfboards Ruddy has designed and shaped in his shop. Over the years, he’s made more than 30,000 custom surfboards under his own label (Chris Ruddy Surfboards), for Ukulele Surfboards, as well as for brands like Body Glove and Dewey Weber. The craft of shaping great surfboards allowed Ruddy to turn his passion for sharing the freedom and excitement he experienced as a kid into a livelihood.

Our Passion

Everything we do at Yacht Club SUP – from designing, engineering, and sourcing our boards – is inspired by that same desire to share our love of the water with others. We take pride in our work, and each board model is designed with the same creative passion that goes into Chris Ruddy’s custom surfboards.

Whether you’re looking for a way to bring your family together, escape the stress of everyday life or are simply looking for a new board to have fun on, we know that getting out on the open water with one of our boards will give you a truly awesome sense of freedom.

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